Please join us for very special luncheons and events.  If you would like more information about these events, please contact us. 


Save the date!  Christmas Open House

September 28 & 29



Remember how exciting it was to go to the County Fair?

Rosebriar will be having a County Fair Luncheon on
August 16 & 18

We will have a delicious lunch with a fair flare. (Sorry, no Pronto Pups!) And we are having a contest!! We will have categories that you can enter to win a prize. Everyone will taste and vote.

You do not have to enter the cooking categories to come to lunch! Just for those that want to participate.

 The four categories are:
Pickles (anything pickled)

 All entries must be homemade. When you make your reservation, tell us which category you are entering.

 Seating will be limited, so call and make your reservations today! (901) 867-7532