Rosebriar Dining in the Country
I am a little behind, but we all know how quickley time gets away from us.
Thanks to all of you who came through Rosebriar this year. I hope you had a great time, great food and took away some great ideas. I look forward to seeing you this year. Our new calendar is now posted at I have a theme this year that will be reflected in each event: "Remember When . . .". There are all new ideas for these parties and I am so excited about each one. I don't think I could choose a favorite, so you will just have to come to them all!
One New and Exciting event is the Ladies Day/ Ladies Night Out on March 19th at 11:30 or 6:00. The Spring Market in Atlanta was very exciting and I wanted to share it with you. It will be MY TREAT for the meal. I have picked up a new line of cookbooks called A Gathering of Friends, so I will cook out of them for you. I have looked at these books for the last 2 market trips and tasted her food. Easy and delicious!! We will have a buffet of foods for you to serve yourself and enjoy my new finds. I will need for you to indicate if you can come so I will have enough food. There is no obligation and NO CHARGE. Just call me and let me know. I will be the only vendor showing.
Trends for Spring are much the same as last year as far as colors. The orange has been tuned down a little to a more coral color along with lime, teal, hot pink and monochromatic black, beige and white. However, the jewelry has neat accents with wood elements and silver and gold beading. Gold is still strong(hope you didn't sell yours)but mixed with silver. Coin jewelry, crosses with pearls and turquoise and bangles are still running hot. I have picked up a line of belts that have the same color beads with neat wooden latches. They are a stretch belt that will fit many sizes. Yes, I tried it on.
Spring scarves are beautiful, lighweight for the south,and the colors accent the jewelry. The scarf jewelry is still strong and they have added pinks, corals, and greens in new designs. Of course they look perfect with the scarves I purchased.
I also picked up some neat home goods that will make nice gifts. I don't want to spoil the surprises, but your going to want some for yourself, too. A new Peach Jalepeno jam will add zip to your summer pool parties along with cute containers for serving.
I hope you wil make plans to attend and bring a friend. Many of you have asked if I cater outside of Rosebriar. The reason I have said no is because I don't have all of the equipment to keep things at temperature while traveling and I like for you to come to my house! However, I am offering my cakes. I have people who love the Lemon Verbena cake and want it for Birthdays or parties, so you can order the following cakes and we will work out a convenient delivery:
Lemon Verbena Ice Box Cake
Chocolate Kaluha Bundt Cake
Chocolate Apricot Liquer Cake
Old fashioned Strawberry Cake
They will serve between 12-16 depending how generous you are. These are very rich, especially the chocolates. Charge is 25.00 per cake with delivery. You will need to give me 5 days advance booking. All order must be called in to me.
Looking forward to seeing you this year. It is not too early to make Holiday Bookings for November and December as these dates go quickley.

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